Mental Theo – WooW

Mental Theo: “After a period of hard techno, freestyle & hard EDM it’s time for an oldschool track with a blend of house! Back in the days when I started playing house music I’ve always been touched by this particular sound: A combination of future house sounds and oldschool uplifters. With WooW I want to show my creativity and love for music!”Read more »

Dropbusterz – Storm

After the release of the well-appreciated track ‘Aztec’, Dropbusterz is back again to drop a new single called ‘Storm’. The song is released by Rebelpark Records. The Italian duo produced a melodious EDM tune with a strong synth and nice drops that will make many dance floors go wild for sure. Even though Dropbusterz is an emerging act in the scene, the producers already have got the support of names like Sander Van Doorn, Lush & Simon and Marnik.Read more »

Scaramouche feat. Coral – Je Voyage

This production has the perfect summer vibe for this time of the year and the catchy French vocals wants to make you sing along with the song, even if you don’t speak the language. Curious about the end result? Scaramouche and Coral’s new single ‘Je Voyage’, which is released on Cloud 9 Dance, is now available!.Read more »