Neighbouring Rights

Cloud 9 Music’s Neighbouring Rights Department takes care of the international collection of neighbouring rights. We provide this service for our own artists as well as other, noteworthy,  artists outside our publishing and records roster.

Neighbouring rights are the rights for master owners, artists, performers and musicians of sound recordings. When a work is commercially released these rights can be claimed. Neighbouring rights are not to be mistaken with Publishing rights, which belong to composers and authors.

Worldwide, most countries have their own Neighbouring rights collection organization, like Sena in the Netherlands, PPL in the UK and SoundExchange in the US. We take care of repertoire registrations directly at these society’s to ensure correct claims and to keep a close eye on revenue streams.

Over the last few years neighbouring rights collection has rapidly grown worlwide and is now a key income  source for rights collection in the music industry. Our services are available to labels, master owners, artists and session musicians all over the globe.

Our Neighbouring Rights service consists of many different activities such as;

  • Worldwide repertoire registration
  • Claiming repertoire
  • Researching repertoire and unclaimed income
  • Income monitoring and tracking
  • Resolving counterclaims
  • Transparent and accurate royalty accounting

We offer our services for a standard percentage administration fee of all retrieved remuneration resulting from neighbouring rights collection.

For inquiries, please contact our Neighbouring Rights Manager Eva.


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