Bolletjes Blues

Bolletjes Blues
20 October 2009 cloud9music


For the movie Bolletjes Blues Cloud 9 Music has been  the music supervisor and Won the prestigous Gouden Kalf in 2006 for best score!

Bolletjes Blues will be out March 23th distributed by Buena Vista

Bolletjes Blues is a musical movie for a large and young audience. The movie is a “boy meets girl” story with R&B/Hip-Hop songs of talented dutch artists. The movie will be shot as from June in Holland and Suriname will be the biggest music movie from Holland. Most dutch rappers have auditioned for this movie. The main male part is for “Negativ” who had a hit recently with “Niets is wat het zijn moet”. Negativ will be part of a gang of which the following rappers will be playing the main parts; Mr Probz, Suga Cane, Kimo and Raymzter. The movie will feature 13 (mostly rap) songs; the female characters will also sing some beautiful soul songs. The movie is due to be released in January together with the soundtrack of the movie!

The movie is set up differently than the average musical. An unusual combination of pure reality with the magic of sung scened. Bolletjes Blues is going to be a raw movie from the street. The movie is inspired by a true story

Bolletjes Blues is produced by Rene Huybrechtse and Joram Willink known for 2 of the blockbusters of 2004 being “De Dominee (gangster movie inspired on the life of Klaas Bruinsma) and Shouf Shouf Habibi. Shouf Shouf Habibi was the best visited movie of 2004.