DJ Chiren

DJ Chiren
28 October 2009 cloud9music

DJ CHIREN AKA VILLYVIAN VAN TIEL can be considered as one of the big names in both hardcore as hardstyle. In the early nineties Dj Chiren started mixing records together with his best friend Dj Wiseguy; together they ruled the Hardcore scene in Den Helder for many years. The legendary “Cafe The Twins” was their regular playground where they dropped their kicking bassdrums and pounding melodies. It was in this cafe that Chiren (then still known by the name DJ Impact) became the first mix champion of Den Helder (juried by nobody less than DJ The Viper).

A year later Chiren had his biggest hardcore success playing 3 hour’s non-stop for 1,500 people at “Ravers Garden”. After the loss of Dj Wiseguy in a tragic accident, Chiren did not touch records for more than a year; it was in this period that he began producing his own music. In 1993 he met his buddy and fellow dj/producer Dj Chiren at a rave organized by Chiren himself; it was on that night that the two decided to join forces. Together they started producing their own hardcore tracks, one of the tracks being “Funky Shit” (a track which they later re-styled into a booming hardstyle track). In the year 2000, Chiren made his comeback behind “the wheels of steel” and won the mix championship for the second time. He enjoyed being back again, but he was looking for something new. Chiren and Trilok decided to expanded their horizon with new styles of music; Hardstyle being one of them.

Trilok and Chiren produced their first hardstyle track in 2001, called “Reversion”. This track was especially produced for a party where Dj Luna made an appearance, heard the track, and was really enthusiastic about it. Trilok, Chiren and Luna decided to work together to create a new kind of hardstyle sound, which developed into the “DHHD” project. Together with dj Luna they were responsible for the first release of the label (DHHD – Rush / Funky Shit). This first release became a real hardstyle bomb, a huge bestseller and put the label immediately on the map. And in the same year they struck again with DHHD – Indication / 30 minutes. With both releases and there massive releases on Q-dance Records, Trilok & Chiren established their name as top producers. In the years that followed they produced four more releases for StraightOn like “It’s Called the music” and “LSD”. Together they are responsible for hits like “We control the sound”, “30 Minutes”, “DHHD (the anthem)” and many more. They signed up with StraightOn Recordings and produced the first release “Rush”, which was a huge success and put the label immediately on the map.

In 2003, Chiren released his first solo record “Equalize it”. This record was dedicated to DJ Wiseguy and was a huge success! In 2005 Trilok & Chiren started their own successful label called Mythica in the search for a new sound; “Tales From Da Hood” with Luna being the most successful release of the label so far.

Besides hardstyle Chiren is also still spinning the wheels at Hardcore-events and he will continue with this “Hardcore & Hardstyle are both in my blood!!” he says!

And why not? The perfect combination!!