Joost van der Vleuten

Joost van der Vleuten
23 December 2009 cloud9music

Joost van der Vleuten was born in 1978 and developed a huge interest for Music at a really young age. But at the age of 13 his passion for Music really exploded when he realized a job at a local radio station. At that time his big dream was to become a real radio jock. Inspired by this radio business he bought himself a mixer, so he could practice being a DJ.
At the age of 17 Joost joined the Royal Dutch Army. With his first salary he bought some more advanced equipment and changed his goals and aimed to make some music himself. The purchase of a computer followed and Joost started experimenting.  During the process of developing his first track he found out it wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

Inspired by Sander Verhaar who made the so-called Yearmixes for the National Radio 3FM back in those days he decided that remixing existing songs was more fun. But after a few remixes a miracle happened: In 2004 his first production was born. This track, “Golana”, featured at a compilation of

After this first success his motivation to produce and finish more “own” releases grew bigger and bigger.

A demo CD was passed on to Roland K (former partner Gesture Music). Roland played it out in his radio show and Misja Helsloot former co-owner of Gesture Music got interested too. Misja signed the track for his compilation “Back from your past” and the Belgium Trance Label Banshee Worx signed it for their deeper progressive label “Green Martian”.

After this Joost sky rocketed and a series of new productions was born e.g. “Atilla”, “It’s Time”, “Southern Cross” and drew the attention from DJ/Producer Markus Schulz. Joost passed on the track “New Horizon” to Markus Schulz, which was approved and released on his label Cold Harbour Recordings in 2006.

Cooperation with Bart van Wissen “Chemical X” was picked up by Markus Schulz as well as Dj’s Cosmic Gate, Blank and Jones and Tiesto gave “Chemical X” their support. One of the highlights of 2008 amongst others was the feature of Joost on the “Extrema Outdoor 2008” compilation.

The Productions of Joost van der Vleuten are to be described as progressive with some trance details. The cooperation with Johan Vermeulen (aka Redshift) caused a change in style (back in 2006) and a real trance monster “Blue Mountain” was born. Joost took a short break after this trance track to concentrate on new works when some year later ATB picked up the track “Broken Dreams” for the “DJ In the Mix 4” compilation. Again Joost delivered a trance track of high quality that will undoubtedly have numerous follow ups in 2009 in the form of releases as well as remixes.

The diversity of styles also resulted in a project called Namatjira. This project was released on labels as T.U.S.O.M, Cyber records and Visa Versa Music. Namatjira is the more deeper side of Joost van der Vleuten’s productions which as result shows support of DJ’s as Hernan Cattaneo, Tiesto, Tarkan, V-Sag, Snake Sedrick and many more.
Snake Sedrick used the release “Would You like To Go” even for his mix compilation “The Beats Will Folow You”.
2009 will for sure show some new Namatjira tracks as well.

2009 promises to be another productive year for Joost van der Vleuten. New releases are already signed by top-notch labels as Conspiracy Recordings, Stellar Sounds, Cloud 9, No Smoking Recordings and more.