Luke Spellbound

Luke Spellbound
13 November 2009 cloud9music

DJ/Producer Luke Spellbound from Sydney Australia has enjoyed a successful dance music career spanning over 15 years. From playing at raves and clubs, to radio stints, producing and remixing, event promotion as well as running a national underground rave magazine for many years, Spellbound has shied away from nothing and it’s earned him a high profile (without ever becoming commercial) as well as a reputation for professionalism in everything he does.

After many years pioneering hardcore in is home country with his label Execution Records, plus also a year living and djing in Canada, Luke Spellbound emerged with his fresh new sound – Hardstyle. In a bold move to take his unique hardstyle sound from Australia to the international scene, 2004 saw Spellbound signing up with Hardnation Records in Germany along with Mikey The Mad Kiwi, and since then releasing five successful EP’s. The duo have also made their mark in Holland with releases on DJS Records and also the newly formed Special Records in 2006 and the Sys-X Records in 2007. Their tracks have had massive support from dj’s all over the world and have been licensed to various hardstyle compilations across Europe.

Spellbound’s history is an interesting one….starting in 1990 mixing hip hop he quickly made the transition to techno just one year later. Spellbound soon became a well known, well respected and sought after DJ. To many, the name Spellbound and hardcore went hand in hand. His energetic in-your-face style and dedication to always pushing cutting edge sounds gained him sets at raves and clubs not only in his home town of Sydney, but all over the country. Over the years he has had the pleasure of supporting a host of international and local dj’s and live acts at events across Australia including massive events like Utopia, Gatecrasher and Apollo festivals. Other impressive events include Godspeed, Perfecto, Happy Valley, Love Nation and the Prodigy parties. Internationally, Spellbound has played in Holland, England, New Zealand, and most recently Canada and the U.S.A.

On the production front, Spellbound has released dozens of highly successful mixed tapes including the infamous “Sex, Drugs & Hardcore” series. Leading Central Station Records to recruit him in 1995 to lend his name and talent to underground rave CD compilations. all were hugely successful nationwide. Around the same time Spellbound partnered up with Mikey Leadbetter and the two went in to the studio. They began to write and produce under the name BOPGUN. Again gaining the support of Central Station Records, they were able to start CEN•COR Records, on which they released 8 of their own ep’s, including tracks co-written with English artists DJ SLIPMATT and also MC BEE from THE ULTIMATE BUZZ. The tracks were then featured on CD compilations such as Spellbound Vol 1, Central Nervous System Vol 3, Rave Nation and Retro Techno 1 & 2.

Thanks to their success in the studio, Spellbound and Mikey felt confident to break out on their own in 1997 and started up their own label – EXECUTION RECORDS. Bringing on board Australian artists DJ JEN-E from Brisbane and LUKE KENNY (aka The Berzerker-Industrial Strength/DJ Devious – ID&T) from Melbourne, they released another 4 ep’s. With Luke Kenny they produced the Australian hardcore anthem of 1998 “WannaFUK” (the Spicegirls parody), which was licensed to Sony Music for Australias No 1 selling techno compilation – STRICTLY TECHNO. Despite it’s explicit content, and a tempo of 203bpm, it was the only track of its kind to ever be played on commercial dance radio in Australia.