Michael de Kooker

Michael de Kooker
13 November 2009 cloud9music

Michael de Kooker: Also known as M.W.T and Mr. Monsieur was born on the 8th of June in the beautiful year of 1985. At an early age Michael already discovered music was his passion. He began listening to all kinds of music, but mostly dance music on commercial cd’s and radio stations. He soon felt this was not enough; he wanted to create his own music. At the age of 12 Michael started playing the keyboard. He kept playing the keyboard for a couple of years until he discovered he could also produce his own tracks with the personal computer. He started of with a software program called Magix Music Maker, but Michael quickly discovered this was way too limited. With Fasttracker 2 he was capable of really producing his own songs, expressing his creativity.

In 2004 Michael came across a ‘new’ sequencer called Fruityloops (now known as FLStudio). He immediately knew this was the next logical step in music software. Michael still uses FLStudio (with vst plugins) to this date!.

He kept working on his producing skills in the following years. Already in 2005 and 2006 his tracks were played by various DJ’s, and appeared in several DJ Mixes on the internet. But 2007 started out to be a really great year for Michael. A trance track, in co-production with DJ Jerom, called ‘Body Combat’ was his first official release and was signed to Cloud 9 Music. The track first appeared on the ‘This is Trance’ CD-album, which was released in The Netherland and available worldwide on internet shops. His first solo release on the famous Combined Forces label ‘The Twist ‘, which included an awesome remix by Ruben de Ronde, was picked up by DJ’s like Tiesto and Paul van Dyk. Michael started off 2008 with the release of a remix of an old Vincent de Moor Classic ‘Sunflower’. In the summer of 2008 Michael had his breakthrough with his remix of Veracocha’s Carte Blanche that reached the National Top 40 and was chosen as Dance Smash single of the week at the biggest radio station in The Netherlands: Radio 538.

Michael’s musical vision reaches far beyond trance music only. He likes to produce all kinds of music in very different genres. From (commercial) house to techno, from electro to latin, from lounge to trance and everything in between. Today,  the goal is to create completely different sounding productions & dj sets, tomorrow we take over the world!!

URL: http://dekooker.nl