Mike Foyle

Mike Foyle
13 November 2009 cloud9music

England based DJ and Producer Mike Foyle has certainly made a name for himself over the last few years as a producer, composer and DJ that you can rely on. From progressive trancer Space Guitar spotted by a certain Markus Schulz and promptly signed up to his Electronic Elements label, to Firefly, third in his piano-trance series which has just dropped on Armind Recordings along with a take-no-prisoners rework from tech trance man-of-the-moment Mark Sherry.

Mike’s passion for music has definitely come from and is still influenced by his Father, who is a very musical and talented man who Mike is very similar to in a lot of ways. At the young age of 6 Mike began learning to play the violin, but after reaching grade 6, he decided he didn’t want to take it any further! However this is where most of his understanding of music theory evolved from and now with the benefit of hindsight does not regret it at all. Mike didn’t want to give up music all together and began to experiment on his own and taught himself the basics of technology-based production.

This was his new way of expressing himself and developing his creativity. Mike became extremely involved with computerised music and it has become a huge part of his life, spending hours at a time working on it and experimenting with new styles and effects. After a while Mike became very interested in synthesis and sound design and started making some really crazy tunes and sound. This includes a track made entirely out of violin sounds, but which still sounds electronically synthesised! He experimented with a variety of software-based production programs before toying with hardware. Most of what Mike has learned was discovered from these different pieces of software and were aided by his advanced level Music Technology and Sound Design course.

He is currently on his last year of Music Technology and Sound Design at Demontfort University, in Leicester UK. Mike gained experience in the business area of the industry by doing work for Lost Language records and City16.com, where he got to grips with how a record label is run, and he plans to use this experience to one day start a label of his own. He is also fairly heavily involved in New York based record label, “Empire State Records”, where he is an A&R and signed artist. After a while, Mike began attracting label interest with his first major success, Space Guitar, under the Statica guise, and was approached with offers from 3 different record labels.

Eventually Mike took up Armadas offer to release the track on the forth “Coldharbour Selections” vinyl. This track appears on compilation albums including Armin van Buuren’s “A State of Trance 2005” and Markus Schulz’ “Miami 2005”. Within only 1 month of Space Guitar’s release, Mike signed four more tracks, three with Armada, one with Basic Beat, and then a collaboration project between Mike and successful US trance producers, Filo and Peri, was signed to Empire State Recordings. After the success of Space Guitar, Mike has attracted yet more label interest and has now taken up 5 official remix duties on some successful labels including Gesture, Lost Language and Empire State. At this point, Mike has begun to take Djing more seriously, and has started playing at trance events including “Electrik”, “Sound Proj-X / Stimulate” and Vaccine @ Turnmills, London. This takes us to the present day, where Mike seems to be progressing rapidly and things are starting to look hopeful for his future in the world of music.

URL: http://www.mikefoyle.com