Rishi Romero

Rishi Romero
16 November 2009 cloud9music

Rishi Romero (1978), an Amsterdam based DJ, comes from a musical background. With his a father a piano player and his mother a singer, it was only a matter of time he would start his own musical career. Aged 15 he was fascinated by American Hip Hop DJ’s, MTV and vinyl records and started buying music on wax. After getting his first work money he bought turntables and started to practice.

Soon he found his religion in dance music and now specializes in garage, latin and housemusic. With his energetic mixing style, blending electro and latin he gained a lot of popularity amongst clubbers. Residencies in the biggest clubs in Holland such as the Powerzone, Panama, Escape, Thalia, Offcorso, and many more made him a household name in the Dutch house and latin scène.

Rishi’s talent is not limited to the Dutch dance scene only. At the SeeMe festival in Sofia, Bulagaria, he rocked the place and with his bi-monthly residency in Norway and regular gigs in Surinam, his international career is taking off as well.

Besides being a great dj, Rishi Romero is also a very good promoter. His own concept Ritmo is one of Holland’s most successful club nights, each night sold out in no-time. International dj’s such as Harry Choo Choo Romero, Jose Nunez, Ron Carrol, Tom Novy, Freestylers and Speakerjunk, where very eager to play at these events. Rishi herewith proves he knows exactly what an audience wants.

Already spinning his own bootleg remixes, Rishi Romero is now working on new material, which will be released this year.

URL: http://www.rishiromero.com