Scope DJ

Scope DJ
16 November 2009 cloud9music
Philippe El Sisi

At the age of 14, Dennis Koehoorn got interested in house music, especially gabber (hardcore). From a friend at school, he got a piece of software called Impulse Tracker for MS-DOS. The program came with some (crappy) samples, but Dennis started to (attempt to) make music with this. He also gave it to his best buddy (nowadays known as Abject and they both started to create ‘music’.

After a while, Dennis started learning more and different techniques about producing and after the gabber era had (sort of) died, both Dennis and Barry started making trance music. This came with more complex melody and basslines ofcourse. The response was great, in the local disco two tracks from them were played! The rush was enormous and inspired and motivated them both to continue producing, and trying to get to higher levels!

A new software tool was out on the market, Fruity Loops, and also a new style of music started to grow. This style was called hardstyle, and it still is Dennis’ favourite style of housemusic today. He got so interested in it, that he decided to quit producing trance/clubby tracks and go for the hardstyle sound!

This resulted in his first release in september 2004, on the Confusion Records label, called Scope – Shimmy Shaker.
This vinyl sold pretty well and became quite popular on the dancefloors of (big) parties, since it was played by Deepack, Super Marco May, Lady Tom and some other big jocks on parties like Q-Base and Hardbass. It was also compiled on some CD’s, for example the CD Scantraxx Vol.2.

After this, Dennis somehow stopped producing for a while. Still wondering why this happened, he nowadays believes it had to do with being busy with school and other stuff. In the beginning of 2005, Dennis started to DJ. He bought some TT’s and the other required stuff, and some vinyls to play with. After a while, this resulted in some bookings, and later on he ended up playing at events where the big guys also played.

Since september 2006, Dennis started producing again and made a remix of his first release, named Scope DJ – Shimmy Shaker Reloaded. Dennis got a great response to this track, while he didn’t intend the track to be a very serious project. Dennis also finished a remix of Southstylers – Pwoap! and in november 2007 his second release finally sees the light: Scope DJ – Lockdown / Protocol EP, featuring the tracks Lockdown and Protocol, on the label Next Chapter! Both tracks are massively supported by the major DJ’s and are compiled on CD’s like In Qontrol, Hard Bass 2007, Sensation Black 2007 and Complex File 3. Be sure to watch out for more in the future!