Armin van Buuren Wii™ Game

Armin van Buuren Wii™ Game
9 November 2010 cloud9music

armin_wiiStep into the shoes of a DJ and you’ll surprise not only your friends and rivals, but also yourself with in the mix featuring Armin van Buuren. We are happy to announce the game includes over 40 of our copyrights!

This Wii™ game gives everyone the chance to mix Music like a real DJ. Using the unique capabilities of the Wii™ you can start DJ-ing in an instant. It includes more than 60 famous tracks by Armin van Buuren and other artists, and 30 special remixes. In career mode you will work your way up from underground clubs to stadiums to become an international superstar. In party mode you are left entirely free to mix the music in the way you want, and to show off your newly-learned skills to your friends. In studio mode you can use samples and loops to easily create and save your own tracks. You can then use these tracks in party mode. In The Mix featuring Armin van Buuren has something for everyone.

Available Wednesday November 10th.