Multi talent ‘Khaz’ signs with Cloud 9

Multi talent ‘Khaz’ signs with Cloud 9
14 July 2010 cloud9music

With great pride we announce our newest signing Khaz from the USA! Khaz is writer, producer, and vocalist Carey “Khaz” Stansfield.

“I can’t fake it. Music for me is a venting of emotions, a creative bath for the soul. If I didn’t have a piece of musical equipment around me, I’d be scratching feelings on walls with knives.” That’s how electronic-pop/dance artist and songwriter KHAZ describes what he does. KHAZ’s drive is a permanent need —or “curse”, as he often calls it— to voice his feelings through music. It’s been that way since he was a 12-year-old kid who played tunes on his portable Yamaha keyboard, trying to deal with happiness and loss. 

His eclectic mix of sounds combines rock, house, progressive and pop music among other styles. It also inspires in others mostly good, loving feelings. “It makes me happy,” is a frequent thing his followers say about his music. KHAZ knows this. “I can’t create music that is not emotionally based,” he confirms. “I create emotions in others from venting my own.” Hundreds of songs written over the years testify to his creativity.  Throughout the last few years, KHAZ has been immersed in producing new music that screams rebirth and love, while collaborating with many well-known dance-music figures. New melodic retro sounding tracks, deep vocals packed with luscious harmonies, all within the progressive house & trance genres make for his most recent work. Previous productions by Khaz include Dark Heart Waiting & Last Man Standing co-produced with Markus Schulz on the newest Markus Schulz album (Do You Dream) and Frozen a co-production with Josh Gabriel for Susana (album; Closer). Khaz is currently writing together with various big names in the trance/house scene so expect some massive tracks this year.

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Markus Schulz feat. Khaz – Dark Heart Waiting (Official Music Video)