Newest signing; Jørgensen

Newest signing; Jørgensen
12 August 2010 cloud9music

jorgensenWe are very pleased to announce to singing of multi talent producer, dj, label owner and party organisator Jørgensen! Already an established name in the tech house scene but Jorgensen is ready take it to the next gear!

Holland based Jørgensen got bitten by the Dance bug in the early 90’s and started organizing club nights in The Netherlands. From then on it was just a small step to get behind the decks where he quickly became a highly respected DJ, spinning parties out of control with his groundbreaking sets.

In the studio, Jørgensen is equally as passionate. Summer 2007 saw the release of his electro stormer ‘Untitled’, which caused a stir on the global club scene, with reactions nothing short of outstanding. Including a Deadmau5 remix! The result – an excellent release for Toolroom, with Jørgensen showing how phat, stompy house music should be done.

For 2009, Jørgensen has definitely raised the bar high. With his own label ADAPT RECORDINGS, he wants to take a new approach to electronic dance music as a DJ and producer. Jørgensen commented about ADAPT RECORDINGS: “I wanted to create a label that went right back to the beginning of the house era where music wasn’t pigeon-holed and DJs were eclectic. I myself produce a mixture of deep house, vocal, techno and progressive, and I felt a label that collated these different sounds into one was needed. And so Adapt Recordings was born!”

The future looks to be an exciting global adventure for Jørgensen!

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