New vocalist Jennifer Cooke

New vocalist Jennifer Cooke
5 June 2011 cloud9music
New vocalist Jennifer Cooke

We are happy to announce our newest addition to our roster of composers, the multi talented vocalist/songwriter Jennifer Cooke! Jennifer will be starting collaborations with a wide range of Cloud 9 composers! Keep an eye out for these hot featurings!

A little introduction:  Jennifer Cooke, born in 1986 in Amsterdam, grew up in the centre of Amsterdam where she also did her primary education. Here after she attended the School of Arts, the “IVKO”, where she graduated at the age of 17. It was then that Jennifer devoted all her time to the world of Music.

Jennifer Cooke – Last Night (Acoustic Version)

Ever since Jennifer Cooke was young, she always knew she wanted to become a Singer. After graduating from the School of Arts, she had exposed herself to all forms of activities, such as writing, recording and learning how to network. During her time developing herself in the music world, Jennifer was doing exceptionally well with a demo dance group called “FDC”. She had been training with them since the age of 12, and the group had performed together for 6 years in which they did showcases for a variety of national and international artists, within which some very successful international artists. Jennifer continued in small recording studios, writing, singing and networking, and this was going well. She had the opportunity to write songs for several national artists during this time.

LIVE: Jennifer Cooke performing Alicia Keys – No One

In 2003, Jennifer met two individuals, Vincent Reid and Guillermo Frankel.  These two young men were working on creating their own production team, and a collaboration with them gave Jennifer the opportunity to record her first solo tracks. All of this was recorded and edited within the walls of a professional studio.In 2005, Jennifer departed to Gambia, taking with her, her music and song writing and in very short while became a sensation in her own country of origin (Motherland?). While taking interviews for radiostations, newspaper, TV and magazines, Jennifer was performing on a vast variety of stages, clubs and events. Shortly after this Jennifer encountered Hakim from Konvikt Music. It was here that she was given the opportunity to record 2 songs, and they certainly reaped their rewards in creating successful results.
Her largest performance was for the internationally renown Youssou N’Dour (known from the hit “7 Seconds” with Neneh Cherry), which took place as the pre-Show at the National Soccer Stadium of Gambia, in front of thousands of people.

In 2008 Jennifer Cooke was nominated for the “Gambian Talent Awards”, in the category “Best female artist from overseas” (or “Best foreign female artist”)In the month of September of the same year, Jennifer released her first single “You got it Goin’ On”. The single made its way to Fresh Top 40 coming in at number 14, and was selected for the “Powermix CD” from Radio 538 and was also being shown on “The Music Factory” (TMF). She soon started to attract attention internationally from DJ’s and radiostations who were playing her song.

The official video for the song was released in 2009, where Jennifer was able to bring her music to the television for the first time. Due to this publicity, which gave her song and persona more attention then before, Jennifer was able to take on an opportunity on working with DJ Carita La Nina as the MC/Vocalist and very shortly there after Jennifer was performing at large Events in the Netherlands including Dirty Dutch, Luxurush and Mysteryland. Together they created the house single “Permission Granted” under the production of “Dirty Dutch Music”

In 2010 Jennifer built a steady musical base by releasing Free Your Mind (Dani L Mebius & Praia Del Sol ft. Jennifer Cooke), performing a lot as a vocalist and doing live shows. NOS Headlines (Netherlands national news channel) did a full documentary on Jennifer. As well Fun X Radio did a 1 hour interview in the end of 2010. The release of the official remix of “Permission Granted” (Carita La Nina & Alex Sandrino ft. Jennifer Cooke) by Dutch mixing superstars “Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano” gave this young girl a lot of extra attention in the mediaworld.

Following this era of her first single, Jennifer initiated the collaboration with producers Joveek and Eastar where they would work on some tracks together and it was from this that Jennifer Cooke was finally able to create “her sound” “Only you can make sure dreams come true, you are what you believe”