JoeySuki starts Suki Music Publishing with Cloud 9 Music: Signs Boris Deckers and Matt & Kendo

JoeySuki starts Suki Music Publishing with Cloud 9 Music: Signs Boris Deckers and Matt & Kendo
19 July 2012 Marc Zwart

This morning, JoeySuki started his own catalogue ‘Suki Music Publishing’ together with Cloud 9 Holland Music Publishing. He’ll be working with three amazing talents that have been in touch with him for a while now. The Dutch producers Matt & Kendo and Boris Deckers, all three hailing from the Breda area in the South part of The Netherlands, signed this morning at the office.

Find out more about Boris Deckers and Matt & Kendo below.


Young Dutch DJ/Producer duo Matt & Kendo have ambitious dreams and strive to make them reality, for music is their passion and motivation. ‘We want to see people from all over the world get euphoric to our sound’. Matt (Maarten Moelands) and Kendo (Ron Van der Schoot) have started their careers as teenagers performing in various clubs in their hometown while producing on the side, developing their own styles.

They prefer progressive house, but their musical palette also contains tech house and electro. Both coming from the Tilburg region in the south of the Netherlands these DJ’s have known each other for quite some time. They recently started working together, as by then it felt like a right combination of skills and ideas.

At the moment Matt & Kendo have already released a number of tracks and yet more are expected to come soon. Stay tuned!


When Boris Deckers, born in Breda (NL), saw his first day of light back in 1994, he already started making noises on everything he was able to “drum” on. He started playing the drums when he was 8-years old. Since then he never stopped making music, it’s in his blood!

A few years later, Boris started to DJ on party’s and realised that he was really interest in house music. When he came back from school he immediately went to his bedroom to start practising on his DJ skills. Because of his hard work he already peformed in big venues like the 013 in Tilburg.

Started producing a half-year ago (2011) has ensured that names like: Nicky Romero, Sandro Silva, R3HAB, Mell Tierra, Jacob van Hage and DJ Jean already supported his tracks!
One of his first tracks called “Nebula”, was played by DJ Jean on one of Holland’s biggest radiostations, SLAM!FM!

There is a lot more to come. His following tracks called ‘Imperium’ and ‘Glow’ will be released on HousePital Records in the beginning of 2012. Even though the official promo has not been sent out yet, both tracks already got played by the likes of Nicky Romero and R3hab.

At the moment Boris Deckers is really busy in the studio working on new material and ready to take over the world with his own music and style. Mentioned by Sandro Silva as “One to look out for in 2012”. His future looks bright!