Beltek releases ‘Eric Goes To Disco’ on Toolroom Records

Beltek releases ‘Eric Goes To Disco’ on Toolroom Records
26 February 2013 Marc Zwart
Beltek releases 'Eric Goes To Disco' on Toolroom Records

Inspired by Mr. Oizo’s late-90’s smash “Flat Beat,” Beltek is back with his new single “Eric Goes To Disco,” out today on Toolroom Records.
One of the standout tracks on the Toolroom Records Miami 2013 compilation , “Eric Goes To Disco” is a fat slab of electro house with rubber band basslines and an underlying drone. This one is for the legendary Miami nights…the after hours sets that we’ll all be speaking about for months to come.  

With “Eric Goes To Disco” Beltek reaffirms his place as one to watch in 2013. His last production, “Connect Us,” displayed a great deal of range as it made waves across the progressive house and trance circuits. Now, he returns to surprise everyone with some down right nasty electro house. And there’s more to come with the recent announcement that Beltek’s next track will be a collaboration with Grammy Nominated producer Morgan Page.

LISTEN TO THIS TRACK (Soundcloud link):