Pete Oak signs with Pleinvrees Publishing

Pete Oak signs with Pleinvrees Publishing
17 January 2014 Marc Zwart
Pete Oak signs with Pleinvrees Publishing

‘Let the music speak for itself’ says Danish Deep house / Nu Disco producer Pete Oak. The first signing to the Pleinvrees Publishing catalogue which is administered by Cloud 9 Holland Music Publishing. Pete Oak is well-known for his releases ‘Baby Baby’, ‘Only You’, ‘I Want You So’ and others. Pleinvrees is a record label and event organization from The Netherlands that focusses on the deep house scene with events all around the country and quality music releases that attract a big audience.

About Pete Oak

Music describes exactly what words can never achieve. The exploration of sound and the emotion of music characterise exactly what Pete Oak is all about. A simple desire to let his music speak a thousand words is evidence of his graceful alluring style.

Born in Aalborg, Denmark Pete was destined to work in music from a very early age. Sharpening his young mind by mastering the guitar he had dreams of conquering the rock world and being the next Jimi Hendrix but as he matured, so did his love for electronic music. He may have laid down his guitar but his dream of world domination remains to this day.

Specialising in the deep house and nu-disco genres, Pete Oak is an emergent talent with much more to offer than your average performer. He has released an envious array of tracks on various labels including Deso Records and Electronique Digital.

His debut EP ‘Slow rove Sex Moves’ released by Sleazy Deep encapsulates his sultry and sexy sound. It is a testament to his impressive production skills but it also showcases his phenomenal range of talent because of his singing and song writing on show.

Pete has developed a production talent based on the three key ingredients; soul, heart and emotion and as the man says himself… ‘let the music speak for itself.’

About Pleinvrees Records

Pleinvrees Records is an amsterdam based deephouse label and platform for music lovers and producers. We promote both the deep house genre and producing artists, which we think are the true heroes of the scene.

We believe that the music we show is creative, open-minded, positive, reflects our personality and is open to a large audience, whenever dancing in a club, talking in a bar or relaxing on a couch. Electronic music is still not very much valued by the majority of the audience; we would like to bring the people round to listening to deep, calm, warm, melodious and energetic beats, toning down the repetitive element which electronic music is so infamous for.