Dirtcaps feat. Tjindjara – Bad Habit

Dirtcaps feat. Tjindjara – Bad Habit
18 September 2015 cloud9music
Dirtcaps feat. Tjindjara - Bad Habit

We are very happy to announce that the unique and energetic DJ/MC trio Dirtcaps strikes again with yet another banger. Get ready for the release of ‘Bad Habit’: a featuring with the talented Dutch singer Tjindjara. Pop, electro house and trap paired with impressive vocals all come together in this mysterious track with an international sound.

Tjindjara recently joined the Cloud 9 Music family and will debut on the label with her very first release. As a little girl her parents realized that she had talent and encouraged and motivated her to find her way in the music profession. At the age of 15 she was the runner up in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. After completing her studies at the Lucia Marthas Dance Academy, Tjindjara quickly rolled in the musical world. In addition to her current role in the musical The Bodyguard, writing her own lyrics and music, is what she would like to develop further with the aim to release her own singles with a distinct style. Her voice is amazing, her appearance is stunning, which makes her a very promising artist.

Dirtcaps is part of a select group of artists who can proudly say that they’ve taken the house sound to a higher level. They never stop producing fresh, new tracks and spend their time in the studio whenever possible.  Earlier this year they released the trappy electro house track ‘Fools Paradise’, a featuring with Dutch singer Rochelle, on her new imprint Young Elephants. After that they dropped this insane EP ‘EASTZANE WARRIORS’, together with their good friends of Yellow Claw. Right now, Dirt Caps is touring in both Australia  and the U.S.A.