Dusty Springfield – Spooky (Quinten 909 Remix)

Dusty Springfield – Spooky (Quinten 909 Remix)
12 May 2015 cloud9music
Dusty Springfield - Spooky (Quinten 909 Remix)

How ‘A Leap Of Faith’ Helped Quinten 909 To Release His Spooky Remix…

What does the dutch DJ Quinten 909 have in common with Dusty Springfield and Percy Sledge? They all made their own version of ‘Spooky’, a song which originally was performed by Classics IV. This track reached #3 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

But that was in 1968. Nowadays people want to hear a different sound. And that’s what Quinten 909 brings to the table with his deephouse-remix of Dusty Springfield’s version. “I jammed that out one afternoon and it has been the biggest hitter on my Soundcloud ever since”, the Dutchman says.

“When Ministry Of Sound played it in their annual Halloween podcast I decided to take a leap of faith and got in touch with Universal Music, who own the rights for Dusty Springfield. I was a bit afraid they’d tell me to take it down, but they loved it and gave me the rights to release it!”