John Dirne signed a publishing deal with Cloud 9 Music

John Dirne signed a publishing deal with Cloud 9 Music
16 October 2016 cloud9music
John Dirne Signs Publishing Deal with Cloud 9 Music

Composer, songwriter and producer John Dirne has signed a publishing contract with Cloud 9 Music. Dirne has been active in the music industry for over 20 years and has previously worked with Raymond van Vliet the current managing director of Cloud 9 Music, while they were both working at Strengholt.

John Dirne
Recent work by Dirne as a producer/composer are tracks by Tiësto, Martin Garrix, Jeroen van der Boom, René Froger and Gordon. Together with Pieter van Schooten and Jora Entertainment BV, Dirne wrote and produced all music for Animal Wildlands, the Dolphinarium and EDC Las Vegas.

Raymond van Vliet about working with John Dirne: “When John was 18 I signed his first publishing deal at Strengholt, we continued working together till 2004. It’s very nice to be working together again after 12 years!”

John Dirne about the collaboration with Cloud 9 Music: “I was looking for a partner that extends my activities. I’m active in multiple musical genres and do more than just writing and producing the music. After speaking with Raymond van Vliet, who I’ve known my entire career, I’ve found the partner I needed in Cloud 9 Music. “