New Music: Che Crozz releases Squeezer – Freeway Recordings

New Music: Che Crozz releases Squeezer – Freeway Recordings
15 May 2018 cl9
New Music: Che Crozz releases Squeezer - Freeway Recordings!

Talking about someone who refuses to be definable in conventional genres means talking about Che Crozz! His father, used to be a leading club owner in the Netherlands. As a youngster Che got involved in dance music even before he learned to walk!

Che Crozz started to develop his own style to reach his goal to become a crowd satisfactory professional. Like many others he started to play at local parties. Soon his extremely refined taste for mass engaging music got noticed. He has a distinctive way of connecting to the audience and his fans call him a ‘tastemaker’. His infinitive drive is triggering his eagerness to dig into the music as deep as possible. Ché swiftly found out that just taking piano lessons and a course to use LogicPro would not satisfy him quick enough.

So he decided to include his father in his masterplan. As his fatehr goes way back with John Dirne. John Dirne is the owner of White Villa Studio’s (which is one of the most high profiled recording facilities for dance music worldwide). John offered some downtime and production assistance in one of his studios. This was Ché’s chance to develop some tracks with which he claims his own genre called ChéDM!

Ché is preparing an array of releases on high profiled labels; to start with his debut release on John Christian’s massively supported Freeway Recordings. Also the release of a monthly radio/online TV show holds a prominent place on the agenda. Besides all that, Ché will be playing a lot this summer. Lakedance Festival (alongside artists like Bingo Players and W&W) and BH Hotels Mallorca (alongside artists like Nicky Romero and Oliver Heldens) have already secured their piece of the Chévolution. The summer season of 2017 looks bright with a major kick off in April at the Pacha on Ibiza.

Check his new club release ‘Squeezer‘ and bring that energy to the next level!

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