Rochelle releases debut EP ‘Centerpiece’

Rochelle releases debut EP ‘Centerpiece’
6 February 2018 cl9

Exotic, raw and undeniably savvy, Dutch singer/songwriter Rochelle has reached a tremendous summit in her career. Aside from marking her name next to record-breaking knockouts such as Yellow Claw’s “Shotgun”, this audacious visionary also rouses the world with her solo singles, including “Way Up” and “All Night Long,” which together racked up more than 17 million streams on Spotify and was awarded GOLD status in The Netherlands.

Voyaging further on her inspiring solo journey, Rochelle opens 2018 with a mega five-track E.P, which has seen her collaborating with the brilliant DFRNS, who has written music for major names, including pop-sensation Jessie J. Titled “Centerpiece,” this mysterious beauty has translated her heart and soul into each and every track, with the intention to let listeners explore her mind a little further.

Released on the 2nd of February on her own imprint Young Elephants, this dazzling E.P. reflects on Rochelle in the sense that she has truly explored her own vision through creating evocative lyrics with candid storylines. The poppy, yet edgy R&B sound of the E.P. is spiced up with a personal touch, with Rochelle exploring her dark side and openly referring to personal happenings of her own life.

With the driven Rochelle to be the ‘centerpiece’ of our attention, this diverse and catchy bundle of music sets the tone for what’s to come in 2018.
“With ‘Centerpiece’, I reveal myself completely for the first time and I involve my personal life in the songs. I am proud of the EP because I have been able to show my dark side here…”