Darren Foster


Darren Foster A.K.A DFOSS (1989) is a Producer/Songwriter with deep musical roots in Hip Hop/Trap, Pop and Dancehall. He earned his stripes working on projects for industry elite such as GLOWINTHEDARK, SFB, DJ Chuckie, DJ Rwan, Kalibwoy, Amba Shepherd and Willy Monfret just to name a few. His unique mixture of Hip Hop/ Trap, Pop and Dancehall makes him one of the most versatile new producers in the music industry.

Darren is a young, creative and talented producer from The Netherlands and has been producing and writing songs since the age of 14. He was raised bilingual by  British / Caribbean parents. His diverse musical background started with his grandfather who was a country singer and his own brother who has been a Jazz-guitar player for over 20 years.

After years of developing his art in music he went to his first music school. Here he certified as an Electronic Music Producer from the SAE Institute, specialising in electronic production, engineering, mixing and mastering. In 2005 Darren Foster known as DFOSS produced for several well known Dutch artists such as Jebroer, Adje, Murda, Fouradi, Damaru, Feis, Darryl, Keizer, Hef, THC, Gers Pardoel.

The year 2016 was another milestone for Darren. After producing and writing songs on a national level for the album ’’LITUATIE’’ TopNotch/Universal NL. He also wrote and produced original songs for international / global clients such as Steve Aoki’s label DIMMAK (Stars&Moon, Numba One EP of GITD). Darren gets a lot of creative energy from working with talented artist and producers. He is currently expanding his knowledge  and expertise in collaboration  with his friend Albert Harvey (GLOWINTHEDARK).

Darren, with his never ending persistence and love for music has created a foundation for his own unique mixture and sound as a Producer/Songwriter.


For more information, please contact:

Marc Zwart
Head of creative


– Versatile producer/somgwriter in Hip Hop/Trap, Pop, Dancehall

– Produced for a.o. GLOWINTHEDARK, DJ Chuckie and many more