Coming from a musical background, including a father who’s been a composer for over 40 years, HIDDN is more than your average bedroom producer. He’s studied music theory, excelling in song composition at length, and it shows.

For years, he’s been writing music for A-list DJs and at long last HIDDN is coming out from behind the curtain. After signing his debut solo album ‘Out Of The Shadows’ with Armada Music
in January, and with releases such as the Juicy M collaboration, ‘Polaroid’ and support on original material from heavyweights such as Tiësto. With ‘Polaroid’ still fresh, it wasn’t long before HIDDN struck again, this time showcasing his diversity in sound and production, working alongside fellow rising star RIVERO, who himself has releases on the likes of Sony, DOORN and Revealed, for the tougher, peak-time anthem ‘Shadow’ on Musical Freedom. The ripping saw waves and tribal percussion, overseen by whirring
sirens overhead, set the dark tone for the track from the get-go, before reverb-drenched pads and effects signal a drop is not far off. The beat is driving and intense, guaranteed to get ravers into a sweat on the dancefloor, before the pair’s expert production abilities are signifed by a half-time dubstep switch. Essentially, if you’ve not yet heard HIDDN’s name, there’s zero chance it will remain in the dark for too long.

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