Ivar Lisinski


Ivar Lisinski is a songwriter and producer who has been working professionally since the year 2001. As a kid, Ivar started playing the piano and when his love for poems and short stories got tangled up in his music he soon realized that he wanted to write songs for a living.

His craft stretches from writing lyrics and melodies to producing and mixing all different styles of music. He finds inspiration where you least expect it.

Among his many collaborations with artists you’ll find names like Bananarama (UK), Alexandra Burke (UK), Dannii Minogue (Australia), No Angels (Germany), Kara (Japan) and Pitbull (US).

He’s currently working with artists like KAAZE (US), Da Tweekaz (Norway), Audiotricz (Netherlands), Lizot (Germany) and Wahlstedt (Sweden).

Ivar Lisinski lives at Öland, Sweden.

For more information, please contact:

Coen Tegelberg
Creative Manager


– Based in Sweden

– Cuts with Bananarama, Pitbull, Dannii Minogue

– Versatile producer and topliner