Nifra is one of few rare talents that come from the new leading generation of trance & progressive producers in central europe. Having her roots in the progressive scene, Nifra started her career with warm up’s on the biggest shows in Slovakia & Czech republic for acts like Tiesto and many many more.

It was in 2008 when Nifra took her step from being a progressive dj into the scene of the nu-trance generation with her first signing on Armada Music.

Nifra recalls; “Having my first release on Armada was a huge step for me, not only sound wise but of course gig wise, we started to get bookings from all around Europe”.

With a gig list that expands to country’s like Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine & Sweden, many more finally got their eye’s on her.

It wasn’t long until international world renown producers like Leon Bolier, Breakfast & Ashley Wallbrigde got her on remix task’s. Despite being at the age of 22 in a scene dominated by male politic’s, Nifra succeeded with something a very few female dj’s, to put the focus on the music.
“I feel ashamed when i see any topless dj creating bad rumour for us hard working female edm musician’s” ,Nifra says.

With her track’s being sure players in dj bags from Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Sander Van Doorn, Andy Moor and Marcus Schossow just to mention a few, she finally found her sound in the nu-trance scene and is now finally starting to spread it all around the globe.

Her radio show “Be Progressed” & track’s has created an Internet following that goes all around the world, from Los Angeles via Cyprus and all the way to Asia. “I’m amazed how fast its all been going, a few years ago i could only dream of where i am today, I’m really greatful for all the support from my fans”.

For more information, please contact:

Marc Zwart
Head of creative