Orjan Nilsen


Ørjan Nilsen, born the 14th of June 1982 in a place called Kirkenes in Norway, started his interest in music at a VERY early age. He started banging on drum sets at the age of 1 and was thoroughly instructed by his father and brother for the first 9 years of his life. At the age of 7, Ørjan got his first keyboard, and started to practice on it every single day for the next couple of years, but started to think this little keyboard lacked what he was looking for… And then it began… Melodies and rhythm were increasengly becoming a more important part of Ørjan’s life as he was reaching for the teen years. And one style in particular caught his attention more then anything else… TRANCE After listening to various Trance compilations from Holland, he now started to be more and more mesmerized by this unique sound wich merged beautiful melodies and rhythmic patterns so beautifully. Ørjan wanted to make this as well, but with the lack of funds and the knowledge how to, stopped him from it for a couple of years. At the age of 16, Ørjan got his first very own synthesizer, with onboard sequencer and drum machine, and from now on, things were evolving quite rapidly.

He learned how to set up drums, basslines, melodies, strings and chords on his synth and then also how making music really worked. After a year, he learned how making music on a pc worked, and what magic that was contained in a small grey box… Evolving in his productions year after year, Ørjan now decided to take things a step further and bought more equipment to make his tunes reach another level. At the end of 2004, Ørjan had made several unofficial remixes and a couple of own productions, that got the attention of trance minded people in the trance.nu community. His tunes were now played in radio stations and clubs all over the world, but nothing was, as of yet, signed by any label.

It was in the summer of 2005 things started to take a new turn, when his remix of ‘Virunga – Simbabwe (Dj Governor’s Progmix)’ was played on Playground by Danjo & Styles and then a bit later Yanave on his show ‘Retinal Insight’! People now started to show more and more interest in the works of Ørjan, wondering on ‘who is this guy?’ This gave Ørjan more and more confidence, and gave him inspiration to keep working on his own tunes! Then, in September 2005, Ørjan made ‘Red Woods’, which blew away the minds of his friends and fellow producers, and now, finally, it seemed like Ørjans breakthrough, and indeed it was…

URL: http://www.orjannilsen.com/

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Marc Zwart
Head of creative