Anne Roos Peterse

Singer/songwriter and guitarist Anne Roos (24) has been making music since day and age. She started out by teaching herself how to play guitar so she could play her favourite songs all by herself. Determined to fill her life with making music, she went to study pop-vocals at the Herman Brood academy as soon as she finished high-school. It was at the Herman Brood academy where she discovered her love for writing songs.

In the last couple of years she gained a lot of experience by playing and writing for different projects. One of these projects was BEAUX, an indie pop band from Utrecht, The Netherlands. In two years, they played over a hundred festivals and shows, did support for international artists like Declan McKenna and George Ezra and gained airplay with multiple singles.

Her style can be described as dreamy indie-pop with soothing vocals but she also enjoys writing extremely poppy songs. She writes in Dutch and in English. Anne Roos is eager to make a lot of great songs with strong and characteristic melodies.

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