Charleon is a multi-skilled musician when it comes to DJing, composing, performing and producing. He describes his sound as “feel good dance music with saxophone” and of course, this talented artist also stands out with his electronic sound that shines with melodic and tropical elements. Charleon is a skilled tenor saxophone player and this instrument accompanies him to every DJ set. His saxophone solos are the pinnacle of his live show and have got not only the Dutch audience dancing, but he’s shared his music and performances globally for tours in China, India, England, France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

The Amsterdam-based artist grew up in a musical family, where he came into contact with classical piano, pop guitar and clarinet at a young age. At the age of 11, Charleon fell in love with the saxophone; after playing the Alto for six years, he switched to the Tenor just before he started studying. That was the same time he transformed his family’s living room into a nightclub – the DJ was born.

Charleon began to officially release music on his own independent label called Golden Love Music and the world quickly began picking up on his catchy feel-good sound. Singles like “Go Back In Your Body” and “We Got The World” gained popularity, millions of streams and the latter even made it into the Viral 50 Netherlands chart on Spotify. Moreover, “We Got The World” was featured in various Dutch TV programs. Dutch Radio station 3FM invited Charleon to play this song live and he brought along an entire band of live musicians especially for the occasion.

In March 2020, at the beginning of the lockdown period, Charleon was determined to bring some good vibes to the people of Amsterdam. Together with his brother, he sailed through the idyllic Amsterdam canals, where they treated the residents to a concert from a safe distance. People could enjoy the live performance from their balcony or window and of course, Charleon’s saxophone was also present.

Charleon’s biggest value and goal is simple: to make fantastic, uplifting music that combines the stylistic saxophone sound with danceable electronic beats. His music ticks all the boxes from catchiness to high energy and class.

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