In a somewhat isolated pocket of the universe, somewhere along the lines of London, Brighton and Portsmouth, dwells a group divided; a gang of obstacle sailing reminiscer’s, who go by the name of FUR.

Addressing stagnancy in our present world, a place in which all the highlights you once experienced (headline shows at London’s ‘The Scala’ and sold-out stints throughout Asia), are but another memory in life’s locket, FUR, as with any soul with six strings and a taste for musical freedom, would be forgiven for indulging in life’s listlessness… however for Murray, Josh, Tav and Flynn, there’s been no rest, for the creatively wicked. 

For what it’s worth, signing to Norway’s ‘777 Music’ in the Autumn of 2020, meant that FUR were able to secure their debut album on the tail end of the year; a spout of luck and gift of time, which enabled the group to sit-back and relish the respective freedom of recording with neither time constraints, nor pressure, to be anything but “a band at our own pace again”. 

Learning to navigate the seemingly impossible task of banding together in a global lockdown would at first trip appear stalemate, yet three studios down and isolated rehearsals in their respective homes, resulted in something beautifully responsive in the form of the ‘Facing Home Mixtape’; a self-recorded “creative bleed” which attempted to combat “the lack of shows and lack of rehearsal rubbish”, by utilising energy that had been stored up, but not quite made the album cut.

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