Born and raised in Amsterdam into a family of artists, HEBE’s father is a film and documentary director, her mother is a theater designer and teacher at The Rietveld Academy and her brother is a visual and light designer, helped pave the way for her career in music.

“In my music I try to connect different facets of my personality. I can be open, but also introvert; I know what I want, but I can also suffocate in doubt. I am looking, as everyone else I believe, for balance and music is my instrument to do so.”

After graduating from the Conservatory of Amsterdam (2014), 22-year-old Hebe Vrijhof released her 6-track debut EP, The Beginning which allowed HEBE to show the world a personal profile of herself. This debut EP The Beginning (2015) and her second EP Tell Me (2017) gained attention by premiering through The 405, Noisey (Vice) and Keep it Underground and and have collectively racked up over a million streams on Spotify. Read More


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