Jungle By Night

After more than a decade of heating up dancefloors at over 600 festivals and stages in 34 countries and 6 released albums, the nine-headed instrumental collective
Jungle by Night melted their years of passion, friendship, and influences from krautrock, dance, jazz and techno together into a new analogue composition that will put us in a trance. << Algorhythm >> makes us revel in the human things around us
and connect with each other like never before in times of rampant digital distractions.

Jungle by Night: ‘’In a world in which technology and its algorithms have become highly influential in our daily lives, we’d almost rather stare at our screens than look out for each other. With << Algorhythm >>, we pay a tribute to natural, spontaneous
HUMAN rhythm as a counterpoint to the sophisticated intoxicating algorithms of the computer.’’

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