Pegassi is the alias of 25-year-old House producer & DJ Sam Huybrecht, hailing from Antwerp,
Belgium. With support from the likes of Fisher, Chris Lake & Jack Back and over half a million Spotify
streams on his latest releases, we’re sure Pegassi is on his way to major successes.

Sam got signed to Kurious, one of Belgium’s biggest artist & event agencies, what resulted in gigs at
festivals like Elrow, Studay, The Day Before Tomorrow and Kingsday, just to name a few.

His first little breakthrough was ‘L.A. Kitty’, a track that came out on DJ Licious’ record label SHOMI,
back in 2019. In no-time the tune got picked up by Fisher, who absolutely loved the record and played
it on the mainstage of EDC Las Vegas and Tomorrowland.

One year later, Pegassi got booked for both weekends on Tomorrowland 2020, but due the global
COVID-19 crisis, both gigs got postponed to the 2021 edition of the festival.

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