Ava Silver


Singer and songwriter Ava Silver (Hanneke Gudden) has found her big passion in writing toplines with catchy hooks, powerful lyrics and breath taking vocals for EDM and pop artists all around the globe.

Ava Silver was born in the Netherlands and found out she could sing at a young age. After starting singing lessons at the age of 13, 4 years later she was accepted at the Music Theatre department of the Conservatory of Rotterdam. There she started taking her songwriting more seriously, fell in love with pop music and decided to switch to the RockAcademy in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

During that study Ava Silver started exploring electronic music as a solo artist with live band, resulting in support shows for Ruben Hein, Alain Clark and Miss Montreal. She also released various singles and a solo EP, resulting in performances at 3FM, National Radio and a special mention on the website of Coldplay. Producers like Daniel Ortgiess (We Are Loud from the song “Booyah”), Tom Maas (Boef en de Gelogeerde Aap) and Nick Ribbens (Instatic, Giraff) helped her along this road. This year, thanks to Cloud 9, she’s investing more time in songwriting and collabs than ever before. 2019 has got some great releases in store!


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For more information, please contact:

Coen Tegelberg
Creative Manager


– Based in the Netherlands

– Studied at the ‘Conservatorium’ ánd the ‘RockAcademy’