Jean spun his records litterally all over the world, more then 20 countries, in every club, every festival, and on every occasion you can think of. This includes the incredible dutch ID&T parties Sensation, Innercity, Mysteryland and the infamous Dance Valley by UDC! All parties that host crowds of more than 40.000 people. Festivals this size he also played in Australia, Poland, U.S.A., Russia, Germany, U.K., South Africa, etc. etc.! As we all know by now, Jean’s carreer started out as the dutch mix and scratch champion back in the late eighties.

Since then he won 6 BEST DJ AWARDS at several elections in Holland and around the globe, and was more than 15 times nominated on occasions such as the silver star dance awards in the UK, TMF awards, Basic Groove Dutch dance awards, etc.. His productions also gained worlwide fame with legendary anthem “The Launch” on top, selling over 1.000.000 copies worldwide!

His power and popularity is mainly caused by his technical skills and his abbility to and his ability to become one with his audience. His style goes from uplifting club and electro to groovy-progressive and sometimes even some minimal- and techhouse. These days he is more active then ever with several club residencies all over the country, a very succesful radio show every friday night at Holland’s youngest radio station Slam!FM, and more bookings nationally and internationally then he can handle. Jean is always one with his audience, and is a party animal himself, often to be found between the people who are partying when he is finished playing!

For more information, please contact:

Marc Zwart
Head of creative


– Won 6 best DJ awards

– Wrote his own book ‘Gekkenhuis’

– Is considered the ‘scratch’ champion of the world