Sevn Alias

Sevaio “Sevn Alias” Mook was only nineteen years old when he received his two gold records “Ma3lish” and “Kifesh” released in 2015 where he was introduced to a broader audience. The refreshing sound of mixing trap and Arabic influences was pioneering and set the tone for the sound of 2016, leading others to follow by his example. Following the releases of his debut EPs “Twenty Four Sevn”, “Twenty Four Sevn 2” and “Twenty Four Sevn 3”, where he was awarded for multiple golden records.

”Gass” meant the definitive breakthrough of Sevn Alias. It was a number 1# hit and awarded four times platinum. 34+ million streams on spotify and 42+ million views on Youtube.In recognition of his outstanding performance with “Gass”, he has received an Edison award for best hip-hop (2016).

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