Dance/Pop talent Tally, also known as Talitha Tauwnaar, was born in Surinam and raised by an orthodox mother in The Netherlands. When Tally was a young girl she determined that her mission in life was to become a professional singer and performer, showcasing all over the world. A goal that wasn’t common within the orthodox community. At a young age she decided to leave home and move to the Dutch capital Amsterdam. There she finally had the chance to express herself freely and make the music from her wildest dreams come true. Inspired by artists such as Madonna, Dua Lipa, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus, Tally’s repertoire of self-written songs came alive.

In 2019 Tally signed with record label ROQ ’N Rolla Music, where she released her tracks ‘Own The Night’ and ‘Forbidden Fruit’. In 2020 she became the ambassador of Rotterdam Pride with her tune ‘Gloria’, a remake of Laura Branigan’s worldwide hit in the ‘80s.

This year Tally released her most personal track, called ‘Lights On’. The song is dedicated to gender neutral love and was published in interviews with the Dutch magazines ‘Gay Krant’ and ‘Zij aan Zij’. Tally has international ambitions and with her music she wants to create a colorful world where everyone is equal and accepted, no matter what sexual preference.

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