The Plugz Europe

“The Plugz Europe is a Dutch musician with Algerian roots. Over the past few years,he has focused mainly on connecting artists and producers worldwideand providingplacements and branding. Thanks to his efforts, he has achieved internationalsuccess, including going double platinum in France with the El Classico project, wherehe collaborated with Dutch producers. In addition, he also created the official remixof Soundgasm by Nigerian Afro-artist Rema, for which he enlisted Dutch producerand artist Puri.

Now, The Plugz Europe has launched his own project and has entered the studio withvarious international artists, including Rema, Pharrell Williams, Alexandra Stan, Ziezie,Konshens, Thabiti, Sean Kingston, L.A.X., Gyptian, Juicy J and many more. His goal is to build bridges between artists from different countries, genres, and cultures and tocreate unique projects and tracks during a creative process. 

In this way, he aims toensure that every talent gets an extra chance to be heard.In January 2023, he started releasing his singles which have been well received by thepublic. With his unique background and passion for music, The Plugz Europe has had a significant impact on the international music industry and continues to work towards connecting and promoting artists worldwide.”

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