Reinier van Harten (The Netherlands, 1991) is a multimedia artist specialising in music and theatre, creating performances under the monicker REINDIER.

His project Obsidian // Silk will be released as a stage production, album and short film. The full show will start touring from summer 2021 onwards, preceded by a series of ‘chapter’ releases, in the form of digital video and music on streaming services. This project has been supported by ‘De Nieuwe Makersregeling’ by Fonds Podiumkunsten and ‘Upstream: Music x Design’ from Stimuleringsfonds.

Reinier van Harten graduated from the Conservatoire of Amsterdam in 2017, studying vocals at the Pop Music department, after which he specialised in mime at the Academy for Theatre and Dance. He has performed in many stage productions, and has a solid track record as a live music artist. From his 18th till his 25th Reinier was involved in a number of pop bands, eventually finding his own creative vehicle in REINDIER, which came to serve as his main expressive outlet. The formation, led by Reinier, utilises a fluid band composition in order to maintain a broad variety of expression. During his time at the conservatoire, in 2015, van Harten suffered a vocal chord paralysation that lost him three octaves of vocal range – leading to the cancellation of his tour and resulting in a two year period during which he was out of the running. Regardless of the challenges the situation faced him with, he persevered and eventually found a new path with a focus on theatre, allowing him to craft a performance form that merges music and theatre, with which he graduated with flying colours in 2017.

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